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Let's be honest, most computer experts know their stuff... as long as they're working with Windows-based computer systems. MacinTek specializes in Apple® technologies, including Mac® computers, iPhones®, iPads® and even AppleTV®. Yes, we can work on your Windows® machines too and get them playing nice with your Apple-branded devices.

We cater to an often under-served sector of the computing community... consumers and home or small offices. Our clients are homemakers, attorneys, engineers, designers, physicians … even a retired rocket scientist.

iOS Devices and iCloud® setup are among our fortés. We'll get your Apple® devices devices syncing as they should through iCloud... we can even help you connect your iPhone® to your car's bluetooth™-equipped infotainment center.

Our rates are competitive and, yes, we do make house calls. In fact, we prefer to service and train in your home or office. Sometimes it may be necessary to service your equipment off-site, but only as a last resort.

MacinTek is available for evening and weekend appointments at no extra charge... we understand time constraints and strive to meet your schedule. Call us to discuss your computing needs and challenges. We'd like to help!

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