Wireless Networking

Apple Computer led the industry when it introduced the first affordable and user-friendly wireless networking solution.






Apple's AirPort networks allow multiple computers (Mac or PC) to share a single Internet connection while simultaneously allowing file transfers between those computers without wires! Your AirPort network can be ordered,installed and
configured by MacinTek.


The new AirPort Extreme (left) boasts the
new standard of 802.11/ac which approaches
the speeds of GIgabit Ethernet but is backward
compatible with devices that use slower, legacy
standards such as 802.11/b/g/n.


The new AirPort Express (right) doesn't yet support 802.11/ac
but is a terrific option for those whose WiFi needs aren't demanding.



Powerline Networking

In some cases, older homes with thicker, denser plaster-and-lath or masonry construction, wireless range is severely limited. In this case, networking your computers (sharing your internet connection) using the AC power lines already in your home is a good alternative.



With speeds over 10 times faster than 11g wireless, this is a great way to get your Ethernet network to other floors or rooms in your building, without the need to run wires. PowerLine Network Adapters are particularly useful when concrete, metal, or other obstructions in the walls of your home or office block your wireless signals.


Broadband Internet:

Cable Internet or DSL?

These are relatively new technologies and, as such, aren't available in all locations. For cable to be available, the cable provider has to have upgraded their wires to bidirectional transmission cables and the various hubs and other infrastructure must be available locally.

DSL is a more complicated issue. If your local phone company has upgraded the wires in your neighborhood, DSL is probably available. But, depending on your location, the provider may only offer higher-priced access plans.

MacinTek can determine availability and installation time frames for whatever service you decide best fits your needs.

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